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Arthur's Perfect Christmas is an hour-length Christmas special spin-off from the PBS Kids animated show Arthur, based on the Arthur book series by Marc Brown. It debuted on VHS and DVD on September 12, 2000, before airing in prime-time on PBS on Thanksgiving Day of that year.

Arthur, D.W., and their family and friends prepare to make the best Christmas ever in Elwood City - but obstacles get in their way.


Image Character USA-Can Mex Isr
Arthur Read A'sPChristmas.png Arthur Read Michael Yarmush Alfredo Leal
Philip Penalosa Kalimba Marichal
D.W. Read A'sPChristmas.png D.W. Read Oliver Grainger Rossy Aguirre
Buster Baxter A'sPChristmas.png Buster Baxter Daniel Brochu Gabriel Gama
Francine Frensky A'sPChristmas.png Francine Frensky Jodie Resther Pilar Escandón Orly Katan
Binky Barnes A'sPChristmas.png Binky Barnes Bruce Dinsmore Gustavo Carrillo Orly Katan
Muffy Crosswire A'sPChristmas.png Muffy Crosswire Melissa Altro María Fernanda Morales
Maggie Vera
Brain (Alan Powers) A'sPChristmas.png Brain / Alan Powers Steven Crowder Ricardo Mendoza
David Read A'sPChristmas.png David Read Bruce Dinsmore Ernesto Lezama Yehoyachin Friedlander
Jane Read A'sPChristmas.png Jane Read Sonja Ball Socorro de la Campa
Kate Read A'sPChristmas.png Kate Read Tracy Braunstein Orly Katan
Pal A'sPChristmas.png Pal Frank Welker Efron Etkin
Mr. Ratburn A'sPChristmas.png Mr. Ratburn Arthur Holden Roberto Mendiola Yehoyachin Friedlander
Grandma Thora Read A'sPChristmas.png Grandma Thora Read Joanna Noyes Orly Katan
Grandpa Dave A'sPChristmas.png Grandpa Dave A.J. Henderson
Oliver Frensky A'sPChristmas.png Oliver Frensky Mark Camacho
Catherine Frensky A'sPChristmas.png Catherine Frensky Patricia Rodriguez
Ed Crosswire A'sPChristmas.png Ed Crosswire A.J. Henderson
Bitzi Baxter A'sPChristmas.png Bitzi Baxter Ellen David Norma Iturbe Orly Katan
George Lundgren A'sPChristmas.png George Lundgren / Nondgren Mitchell David Rothpan
Timmy Tibble A'sPChristmas.png Timmy Tibble Ricky Mabe María Fernanda Morales Orly Katan
Tommy Tibble A'sPChristmas.png Tommy Tibble Jonathan Koensgen María Fernanda Morales
Uncle Fred A'sPChristmas.png Uncle Fred Harry Standjofski Giora Kenneth
Rory A'sPChristmas.png Rory Frank Welker
Quackers A'sPChristmas.png Quackers Sonja Ball
Announcer A'sPChristmas.png Announcer
Seller A'sPChristmas.png Seller
Jill A'sPChristmas.png Jill
Security Guard A'sPChristmas.png Security Guard Mark Camacho
Singer A'sPChristmas.png Singer
Waiter A'sPChristmas.png Waiter
Diner A'sPChristmas.png Diner
Parade Announcer A'sPChristmas.png Parade Announcer
Customer A'sPChristmas.png Customer
SALE A'sPChristmas.png SALE N/A
Arthur's Perfect Christmas Title.png Title N/A