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José María Iglesias (1943, Mexico City, DF, Mexico - July 24, 2005, Mexico City, DF, Mexico) was a Mexican voice actor who worked on several Muppet dubs, notably as the Spanish voice of Kermit the Frog.

He began his Muppet association on Plaza Sésamo, first dubbing Herry Monster and other monsters. By the time of The Muppet Show , Iglesias was cast as Kermit and took over the role on the Plaza as well (from original voice Salvador Nájar), continuing into the movie dubs. He served as dubbing director for the original Mexican dub of The Dark Crystal.

Oustide of Kermit, Iglesias' dubbing career was highlighted by Starsky & Hutch (dubbing Paul Michael Glaser as Starsky), as well as Davy Jones on The Monkees, Fred Grandy on The Love Boat, and Gary Burghoff on M*A*S*H. Animation roles included Scrappy-Doo, Jimmy Olsen on Filmation's Superman, and many characters on The Simpsons (including Sideshow Mel, Snake, and the coyote originally voiced by Johnny Cash). Iglesias died in the late 2000s.

Year Image Character  Title
1972-1992 Grover SS.png Archibaldo Plaza Sésamo
1988 Scrappy-Doo SATRW.png Scrappy-Doo Scooby-Doo y la Carrera de los Monstruos
1988 Scrappy-Doo SATGS.png Scrappy-Doo Scooby-Doo y la Escuela de Fantasmas
1987 Kermit the Frog AMFChristmas.png La Rana René La Navidad de la Familia Muppet
1987 Scrappy-Doo SMTBB.png Scrappy-Doo Scooby-Doo y los Hermanos Boo
1987 Allstar Seaworthy.png Allstar Seaworthy Los Snorkels
1987 Willie Wetworth Snorks.png Willie Wetworth Los Snorkels
1986-1987 Tyg Tiger ST.png Tigre Los Rescatadores
1986 Kermit the Frog TChristmasT.png La Rana René El Juguete de Navidad
1985 Grover FTB.png Grover Sigan a esa Ave
1984 Kermit the Frog TMTM.png La Rana René Los Muppets Toman Nueva York
1984 Baby Kermit TMTM.png Bebé René Los Muppets Toman Nueva York
1982-1984 Alfalfa Switzer TLR.png Alfalfa Switzer La Pandilla
1982-1984 Pac-Man PCartoon.png Pac-Man Pac-Man
1978-1983 Kermit the Frog TMS.png La Rana René El Show de los Muppets
1982 Pac-Man Christmas.png Pac-Man La Navidad Llega a Paclandia
1980 Duke's Butler PChristmas.png Mayordomo del Duque La Navidad de Pinocho
1979 Kermit the Frog TMM.png La Rana Rene Los Muppets van a Hollywood
1973-1975 S. Melvin Farthinghill Jeannie.png S. Melvin Farthinghill Jeannie
1973-1974 Arex STTAS.png Arex Star Trek: La Serie Animada
1973 Tim O'Hara MFM.png Tim O'Hara Mi Marciano Favorito
1972-1973 Moe TNSDM.png Moe Las Nuevas Películas de Scooby-Doo
1969 Daffy Duck.png Pato Lucas Looney Tunes
1969 Porky Pig.png Porky Looney Tunes
1969 Yosemite Sam.png Sam Bigotes Looney Tunes