Lara Parmiani

Lara Parmiani (July 25, 1971, Italy) Born in Italy, where she studied drama and started her acting career in TV and theatre, Lara moved to London in the late 90s and in the UK she's appeared in over twenty theatre productions as well as films and TV series. Totally bilingual, Lara speaks British English and Standard Italian but can do several accents including Italian, Spanish, French, Middle Eastern, Greek, Iranian, Israeli and Turkish. Lara can also sings as a soprano and has appeared in musicals and concerts.

Year Image Character  Title
2014 Wii Fit Trainer Female SSB Wii U Wii Fit Trainer Female Super Smash Bros for Wii U & 3DS
1997-2002 Brittany Taylor Brittany Taylor Daria
1995-1996 Puar Puar Dragon Ball
1994 Johanna von Trapp Anime Giovana von Trapp Cantiamo Insieme
1991-1992 Lady Marian Lancaster Anime Lady Marian Lancaster Robin Hood